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  Advertising Agency Indemnity
  Summary of Coverages

Production and Campaign Insurance


This provides cover for additional costs incurred as a result of losses arising from the delay or cancellation of filming due to illness or incapacity of any contracted talent or non appearance of any materials e.g. special props or products provided by the Agency and/or the Client.

This also provides cover through cancellation or abandonment of filming due to the public disgrace of a featured artist. Celebrities must be underwritten on a prior declaration basis.

This can also cover the loss of any declared Airtime Expenditure & Media Costs as a result of an insured peril.

Negative Storage   This covers the Agency for Loss or Damage to the negative/videotape/master on all risks basis whilst the negative is being worked upon or transported by third party companies or individuals when it is under the agency's care, custody and control.

This cover includes the safe keeping of the negative/videotape/master material after the completion of the contract by the Production Company or individuals at a time when it is under the Agency's care, custody and control in accordance with relevant contract conditions.
Optional Extra Coverage's which may be arranged separately  
  • Death & Disgrace of a Celebrity
  • Livestock/Bloodstock-Animal Mortality Insurance
  • Reasonable Photographic Conditions/Sunshine Cover( Weatherday Insurance)
  • Advertising Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Employers/Public Liability