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  Contingency Classes
  Summary of Coverages


  This provides cover in respect of an Insured's ascertained net loss of revenue and/or costs and expenses as a result of any cause beyond the control of the insured (excluding excepted perils). This policy is particularly suitable for events indoors and outdoors including exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs, concerts and the like. Outdoor can also be insured to include Weather Perils.
Non-appearance   This provides cover in respect of an Insured's ascertained net loss of revenue and/or costs and expenses as a result of the Non Appearance of a specified individual/performer/musician etc. Additionally cover can also be arranged for Catastrophe Non Appearance where the non availability of an agreed number of individuals results in the cancellation of an event e.g. Road traffic accident to a number of individuals in an Orchestral Concert.
Television Transmission Interruption  

This provides an indemnity cover for the ascertained net loss of revenue sustained as a result of the breakdown or malfunctioning of any equipment, lines or appurtenances which prevents the insured in a total loss of video/digital/satellite transmission which prevents the insured from broadcasting the required event/programme.

Death, disablement, disgrace   This provides cover in respect of Insured's loss as a result of the Death, and Permanent Disablement and Disgrace which may arise as a result of the loss of a 'Key Artieste or Individual'. This cover is often purchased by Advertising Agents who wish to insure a 'Celebrity' who is required for a specific advert/commercial.




These  policies cover the insured in the event of cancellation/abandonment/interruption of an insured production due to weather perils. e.g.:

  • Reasonable Photographic Conditions (RPC). An absence of rain, sleet, falling snow, hail or other precipitation and of fog and/or lack of sufficient natural light to make it technically possibly to obtain the minimum 'Stop' required, having regard for the size and type and rating of stock being used.
  • Sunshine Cover. Cover can be arranged for a defined number of Sunshine hours and/or Wind and/or Rainfall cover where an insured defines a specific amount of rainfall would lead to cancellation/postponement of an event.